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Victims of human trafficking and exploitation are presenting in healthcare settings and are not receiving the safeguarding and care they need.

The solution is not just about raising awareness. VITA training aims to improve identification, support and care for victims by equipping healthcare professionals with transferable trauma-informed consultation skills along with practical, user-friendly, evidence-based guidance.

More than 2,000 NHS healthcare professionals have received VITA Training, which is now being commissioned and rolled out to thousands of NHS doctors across London and the South East.

Bespoke tailored training is available for NHS Foundation Trusts, General Practices, healthcare professional trainee programmes and other health services and teams.

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Simulation Training

Simulation Training

This face-to-face Simulation training with actors and real case scenarios allows the delegates to practice conducting these challenging consultations and implement safeguarding skills with feedback and debriefing. VITA simulation training is being delivered to hundreds of doctors across London and the South East.

“I’ve never had safeguarding training like this before. I feel like I know exactly what I need to do now.” GP Trainee.

Training consists of:

  • 4-hour session total
  • An interactive presentation
  • Final discussion and feedback
  • Small groups of delegates rotate around different realistic simulation scenarios
  • VITA Adult Safeguarding Level 3 certificate and 4 CPD hours

We recommend:

  • Between 10-40 delegates.
  • One facilitator and one actor will be provided per 5-10 delegates
  • Host Trust/Education Centre to supply venue
  • One larger room for whole group presentation and discussion
  • One smaller room per 5-10 delegates for simulation
  • Projector and audio system
Seminar Training with Video

Seminar Training with Video

This face-to-face training session is delivered in an engaging and interactive seminar format, facilitated by practical and impactful discussion. Our video shows an example consultation from the Emergency Department, which is then followed by an in-depth debrief, equipping delegates with practical and transferable consultation and safeguarding skills. This training is being delivered to hundreds of doctors across London and the South East. 

“I’ve never had a session like this in 15 years. Incredibly valuable session.” Registrar, Emergency Medicine.

Training consists of:

  • 2-hour session total
  • An interactive presentation
  • Video scenario
  • Discussion and debrief
  • VITA Adult Safeguarding Level 2 certificate and 2 CPD hours

We recommend:

  • Up to 25 delegates
  • One room for whole group
  • Projector and audio systems necessary
Interactive webinar

Interactive Webinar

Our 2-hour Interactive Webinar is highly interactive and engaging. It uses the learning content from the face-to-face training, making the best use of technology for remote engagement. This format is discursive and encourages peer-to-peer learning to ensure that the learning outcomes are as easily obtainable, memorable and relevant as in a face-to-face experience.

"The films and session were fantastic and I feel better equipped and more confident to speak to patients regarding these issues. The tech was used very well to ensure that we were all actively engaged and contributed, particularly for such a personal topic." Junior Doctor, General Medicine.

  • VITA Safeguarding Level 2 certificate and 2 CPD hours

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We run our VITA Interactive Webinar sessions on Safeguarding Victims of Modern Slavery all year round. Please use the form below to book onto one of our upcoming courses.

If you would like to arrange a bespoke training session for your team, organisation or Trust, or if you would simply like to know about future session dates, then please contact us.

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I’ve never had a session like this in 15 years. Incredibly valuable session.

Registrar, Emergency Medicine

This training should be mandatory.

Consultant, Acute General Medicine

This was really great teaching. Great examples of words/phrases/tactics to use. I feel more confident in navigating situations like this. Great emphasis on empowering the patient and creating a safe space.

Junior Doctor, General Surgery

VITA training is evidence-based and prepares candidates for real-life encounters with victims (often by using simulated consultations). Not only will this training improve performance in appropriately managing the complex human trafficking cases that present to our services, it significantly improves communication skills overall and forces providers to reflect on how they are interacting with all of their patients.

Registrar, Emergency Medicine

The films and session were fantastic and I feel better equipped, and more confident to speak to patients regarding these issues. The tech was used very well to ensure that we were all actively engaged and contributed, particularly for such a personal topic.

Foundation Year 2, Junior Doctor

A wonderful fantastic and empathetic session, not only touching on unfortunately a very real issue but gave genuine strategies and tactics to address and deal with situations in clinical practice.

Foundation Year 1, Junior Doctor

I felt more confident dealing with (a case of a patient being identified as trafficked) following the training because I had greater understanding of the situations people who have been trafficked have to deal with; previous life situations, reasons for coming to UK and the reality of the situations they find themselves in compared to hopes and dreams they may have had, how frightened and vulnerable they must feel.

Practice Nurse, General Practice

That was absolutely the first useful session I have been to on safeguarding. I thought it was incredible. I loved the way that you used practical questions and reiterated them again and again so they stick. I feel so much more confident and I hope everyone gets the chance to do this.

Junior Doctor, General Medicine

Best training I've had in a long time (?ever during medical career). Such an engaging session and effective use of real world examples.

Foundation Year 1, Junior Doctor

I have experienced plenty of compulsory online training as part of the induction process for each new hospital. Safeguarding training is always one of the tickboxes, and often fairly far back in the queue. This is completely unacceptable as an undeniably crucial skill set for frontliners is being buried under a mountain of paperwork and bureaucracy. It is wonderful to see Dr. Riley and her team tackling this issue head on by providing evidence-based and engaging training for all providers that encounter human trafficking - an issue that we should be far more aware of in the healthcare community.

Registrar, Emergency Medicine

Taking part in VITA training changed my everyday approach to patient interaction. Dr Riley’s presentation highlighted the necessity of including safeguarding awareness in our daily work and provided tools of how to assess a patient’s situation in a safe and helpful way. More than any other safeguarding training I’ve had beforehand, VITA training enabled me to include this utterly important aspect into my patient assessment. I highly recommend it.

Junior Doctor, Emergency Medicine

Very slick and impressive. One of the best online teaching I've attended. Managed to still be engaging at 5pm on a Friday afternoon, for 2 hours, over zoom which is amazing. Great use of the groups, poll and chat function which made it very interactive but not in a nerve-wracking way.

Foundation Year 2, Junior Doctor

Zoom is never as good as real life but this was as good as it gets! Really enjoyed the breakout sessions. Often feel intimidated by large groups and speaking out but the breakout groups and interactive nature made it easy to get involved and created a really nice interactive atmosphere.

Foundation Year 1, Junior Doctor